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Polish Photographer Amedee Praises Tainan as the Best Place in the World, Tours Longtian chaha Educational Cultural Park

Posted Date:2023-10-27


Polish Photographer Amedee Praises Tainan as the Best Place in the World 1


The Polish photographer and influencer “Amedee” is a great fan of Tainan who has shared online many of his personal experiences in Tainan such as the beauty of Longci Light Festival and the taste of world-class gold medal jams. He even said "Tainan is the best place in the world.” Amedee recently shared a video of his family visiting Longtian chacha Educational Cultural Park. The video showed his Taiwanese-Polish daughter Nana having the time of her life playing on the Bouncing Hills, Pachinko, and slides as well as running all over the park. Amedee said with a smile that he definitely recommends the Longtian chacha Educational Cultural Park to parents for family excursions.

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che said that Longtian chacha Educational Cultural Park was designed as an education park with the Chianan Canal as its theme. The “Big Channel” immersive theater won a German iF Design Award for its use of digital technology to create a magical yet realistic landscape theater. Multimedia games and interactive devices encourage people to explore agriculture, ecology, irrigation, and everyday life through their five senses. Games teach about the background and operation of important irrigation infrastructure in Tainan, making the park a heritage education venue well-suited to family excursions and learning through play.

According to Director-General Lin Kuo-hua of the Tourism Bureau, Tainan City Government, Longtian chacha Educational Cultural Park was divided into the North Warehouse, South Warehouse, Small East Warehouse, Archeology, and Public Art zones. It is home to the interactive immersive landscape theater based on Chianan Canal, a river pachinko machine based on the irrigation system, a landscape hopscotch based on plains agriculture, and a river mixing station based on sounds from everyday life. Light and sound effects as well as interactive assets make for a fun experience that is popular among the children. Outside are public artworks such as Coral Lake and Bouncing Hill. In addition to emerging devices, the park also preserves industry ruins that testify to the “Four Railways” of the past. Historical buildings including the railway tracks, weigh statin, Taiwan Salt Longtian Transit Station and Warehouse” are lets people learn through technology the wisdom of builders over the past century .

Tourism Bureau stated that the Longtian chacha Educational Cultural Park is conveniently located just three minutes’ walk from Longtian Railway Station. Everyone is encouraged to take part in low-carbon tourism and make a contribution to the environment even as they are having fun. The “Tainan on TPass - 17 Station Stamp Collection Challenge”will run from now through to December 31, 2023, at 17 railway stations in Tainan City (Houbi, Xinying, Liuying, Linfengying, Longtian, Balin, Shanhua, STSP, Xinshi, Yongkang, Daqiao, Tainan, Bao-an, Rende, Jhongjhou, Evergreen University, Shalun). Use the “Travel Tainan” app to collect stamps at 17 railway stations in Tainan City to go into the draw for 200 Taiwan Trip fare packages. For more information about tourist destinations and events in Tainan, please visit the Travel Tainan website or Travel Tainan Facebook fan page.


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