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Taiwan Turns 400! Pokémon GO City Safari to Debut in Taiwan Between 3/9 ~ 3/10 with Rare Pokemon Sightings throughout Tainan

Posted Date:2023-10-31


Pokémon GO City Safari to Debut in Taiwan 1


Pokémon GO has been invited to take part in the “Tainan 400” festivities in 2024! Tainan City Government has partnered with Niantic to bring trainers a whole new experience during the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan by co-hosting the first “Pokémon GO City Safari” event in Taiwan. During the event, trainers from around the world can visit Tainan to meet Pokémons that have never been seen in Taiwan before.  The Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government held a press conference on October 31 attended by Mayor Huang Wei-Che, Director-General Lin Kuo-hua of the Tourism Bureau, Director-General Su En-en of Department of Information and International Relations, Councilors Lin Mei-yan, Hsu Chih-tsun, Chen Yi-chen, Shen Cheng-tung, and Li Chi-wei, as well as President Liang Jin-sheng of the Tainan Development Association to Promote Tourism Factory, President Wu Jun-tai of the Tainan Municipality Hotel Association, President Lin Chao-ming of the Tainan City Leisure Agricultural Development Association, President Hong Yu-chih of the Tainan City Beimen Industry and Cultural Tourism Development Association, Secretary-General Wang Shu-mei of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, and President Hou Tsui-ling of Marine Industry and Local Culture Revitalizing Association of China.

Rare Pokémons to Debut in Taiwan
The first “Pokémon GO City Safari” to be held in Taiwan will encompass the whole of Tainan. As you go about your exciting travels during the day, you will run into Pokémons of different types including the Grass-type Alola Exeggurator, the Water-type Chinchou, the Ghost-type Litwick, the Fire-type Darumaka, and more. The real bombshell are surprise encounters with the Skiddo that only show up during the “Pokémon GO City Safari” and the Bouffalant found in New York City. If you were born under lucky stars then catch them if you can!

“I am pleased to say that the Pokémon Bouffalant, which is usually only found in New York City, will be making an appearance in Tainan during this event.” said Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che. “The arrival of the Dutch East Indies Company in 1624 established international trade links for Tainan. The historical similarities with the American city of New York gives added significance to this visit during Tainan 400 by a Pokémon that usually only appears in New York.” The Pokémon GO City Safari will be held during the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan. People are encouraged to follow the game and visit different parts of Tainan during the day to take in the local sights and sounds; once the sun has set, take in the beauty of traditional and modern lantern artworks. Tourists and trainers will therefore have a perfect excuse to stay for a few more days in Tainan.

Niantic Vice President Edward Wu said: “I am honored to visit my hometown Tainan on behalf of Niantic. “I would first like to thank Taiwanese trainers for growing together with us over the years. This is our third collaboration with the Tainan City Government to bring an exciting real-world event to trainers. Tainan should be on everyone’s bucket list. Tainan will celebrate its 400th anniversary next year. Niantic is pleased to host a City Safari in such a wonderful city and at such a meaningful time. Trainers will be able to meet up with Eevee in a safari hat during ticketed special research tasks during the event. Whether you are a local resident or on your first trip to Tainan, this event will take you on a full tour of the city that covers everything from the historical building of Chikanlou to delicious beef soup. If you were born under lucky stars, you will also get the chance to encounter shiny Pokémons and Skiddo never before seen in Taiwan. Finally and most importantly, I would like to thank our partners at Tainan City Government for their longstanding support of Niantic! See you all in Tainan!”

Stay Tuned for Even More Surprises
According to Director-General Lin Kuo-hua of the Tourism Bureau, Tainan City Government has developed a strong working relationship with Pokémon GO over the years. The hosting of the Pokémon GO City Safari during the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan will no doubt become a magnet for not only trainers in Taiwan, but also trainers from other countries. Extensive research was conducted by the game developer so that the new game functions can be leveraged to guide every trainer to worthwhile historical and natural sights around Tainan. Over ten “Routes” will therefore be introduced for the first time in Taiwan as well. Trainers looking to explore Tainan should stay tuned for the upcoming routes!

“Pokémon GO City Safari “ Event Information
Scope: All of Tainan
Event Date and Time: 10 AM ~ 6 PM, March 9 ~ March 10, 2024
For more information, please follow the Travel Tainan website


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