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French Influencer Wei Hong Day Trip of the Tainan’s Dongshan Coffee Road French Boy Homesick for Taiwan Says: “What a Beautiful place! I Want to Bring My Parents!”

Posted Date:2023-11-13


French Influencer Wei Hong Day Trip of the Tainan’s Dongshan Coffee Road French Boy Homesick for Taiwan 1


Born in France with a Jewish background, Wei Hong’s love of Chinese culture, handsome face and fluent Chinese has built up a strong following on YouTube. Wei even once revealed that he was a “French boy homesick for Taiwan.” In recent a video of him visiting Tainan’s 175 Dongshan Coffee Road with friends, Wei Hong chowed down on coffee-infused cuisine, savored barista-brewed coffee, and explored a hidden-away farm. The breathtaking scenery and specialty cuisine was a hit among many French people.

Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-che said that Dongshan was the birthplace of Taiwanese coffee. It sits within the coffee bean belt and is one of the top three coffee-growing regions of Taiwan. The day-night temperature differences and the humidity regulating effect of three reservoirs give Dongshan coffee its distinctive fragrance. Since 2013, City Hall has been helping to send Dongshan Coffee to the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) in the US to apply for the authoritative international Q Certificate. A number of batches of green coffee have received the Q Certificate so far so can be rightfully considered to be world-class coffee. Dongshan produces sweet-tasting longan as well as coffee. Wood-fired longan is a part of the local tradition and one of Tainan’s specialty agricultural products.

Director-General Lin Kuo-hua of the Tourism Bureau said that Dongshan is known for its picturesque landscape and rich resources. The local geography and climate is perfect for cultivating sweet fruit. Renowned baker Wu Pao-chu became a world champion after making bread with longan from Dongshan. Local vendors have also conquered the taste buds of gourmands by incorporating coffee and longan into their own culinary creations. Dongshan is home to many beautifully appointed bed and breakfasts tucked away in the mountain forest with the chirping of birds and insects as their background music. When you look out over the broad expanse of the Chianan Plain and feel the gentle breeze on your face as you bask in the warm sunlight, you will feel as if you are being slowly recharged by the power of nature. Those who enjoy the aroma of coffee and the symphony of Mother Nature will not want to miss this.

The Tourism Bureau recommends stopping by the famous Guanziling Mud Hot Springs in nearby Baihe after a long day on Dongshan Coffee Road. This year (2023), Guanziling Hot Spring Area will feature a visually stunning series of night-time light-based artworks based on local themes running from the entrance of Red Leaf Tunnel and Baoquan Bridge Hot Spring Park past the New Haohanpo and Jing Leh Resort Hotel trails, Xianyun Bridge, the newly renovated Hot Spring Old Street, Lingding Park, before ending at Dacheng Temple. The decorative lights will complement the ambience of the hot spring district as people stroll through the Guanziling Hot Spring Area. The 8 main lantern decorations of Guanziling will be on display until the Lunar New Year holidays next year. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the coffee and scenery at Dongshan, soak in the hot springs at Guanziling to ward off the chill, and enjoy the wide variety of specialty local cuisine on offer. For more information about tourist destinations and events in Tainan, please visit the Travel Tainan website or Travel Tainan Facebook fan page.


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