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Russian YouTuber lexww Grills Oysters and Catches Fish on Day Trip to Jiangjun-Qigu with Friends Experience Tainan’s Most Popular Fish-based Diet Education with All Five Senses!

Posted Date:2023-11-14



Russian YouTuber lexww frequently invites friends from overseas to share differences in culture. This time, he brought friends from Poland and Mexico to the Jiangjun and Qigu districts of Tainan to experience the “from water to table” approach for a healthy diet. From digging for clams, catching fish with nets to grilling fresh oysters straight off the rack, the fishery experience had all three hopping with excitement. During the video, the group visited new popular selfie destinations such as the “Tree of Life”, a new landmark artwork at Qinkunshen Fan-shaped Salt Fields, and Guosheng Lighthouse, the western most point of Taiwan proper. They also visited Xianren Tea Shop, a hidden gem tucked away in Qigu for afternoon tea, and had a great time.

According to Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che, “Qinkunshen Fan-shaped Salt Fields” embodies the historical memories of Taiwan’s salt industry. It is the only fan-shaped ribbed salt field in Taiwan and lies within a wetland of national importance. City Hall has turned the site into a new hub for coastal ecological education. In addition to installation of “Tree of Life”, a popular selfie landmark, and preservation of the salt flat wetland, environmental education facilities such as an ecological observation boardwalk, information pavilions and a waterside platform were all established so that people can learn more about the history and ecology at the Fan-shaped Salt Fields. The Qigu Lagoon boat tour passed by variety of scenery and fishery sights including the Qigu Scenic Bridge on No. 61 West Coast Expressway, offshore bars, mangrove forests, oyster farms, and fixed fishing nets. Cormorants may also sometimes be seen winter if you are lucky. The forest of Coastal She-oaks and fields of Beach Morning Gory that make Wangziliao Barrier Island a beautiful place perfect for ecological education. Everyone is welcome to visit the coastal parts of Tainan to try out the sea food, admire the views, and observe the local ecology.

Director-General Lin Kuo-hua of the Tourism stated that in addition to visiting the Tree of Life during the video, lexww also went to Guosheng Lighthouse, the western most point of Taiwan proper. The sandbar there has been referred to as “Taiwan’s Sahara Desert.” The stark contrast between the sand dunes and ocean has a beauty of its own. Nanwan Eco Fish Farm in Qigu sits on the coast at the western most point of Tainan. The area provides a source of pristine seawater. Eco-friendly, low-density farming techniques are used by the fishermen to cultivate local seafood such as healthy and delicious clams, Giant Groupers, shrimps, Taiwan Tilapia, and Milkfish. Tourists accompanied by trained tour guides can try their hand at Milkfish fishing, digging for claims, and harvesting of Red Algae. After that, visit a nearby restaurant or all-you-can-eat DIY oyster grill to enjoy the fresh-caught seafood and the fruits of your own labor!

Tourism Bureau invites everyone to download the “Tainan 2023 Bib Gourmand Food Map - Transportation and Food Guide” . People can also take advantage of the TPASS offering “Unlimited travel on Greater Tainan buses and Taiwan Railway” for NT$399. There are also 6 Taiwan Trip routes for exploring Tainan. The 88 Tainan Loop Route runs through the old Tainan district, the 99 Anping-Taijiang route is focused on ecological education, the Mountain Line & Museum Route links the three main museums in the mountains, the West Coast Expressway is geared towards the local salt industry culture and romantic wedding photo locations, the Guanziling Route connects the sights of Guanziling Hot Spring and Qinliao Old Street, while Ling Po-Guantian Route passes by sights within the Siraya National Scenic Area. All kinds of local Tainan street food and fresh-caught seafood including Danzi Noodles, Steamed Rice Pudding, Eel Yi Noodles, Taiwanese Beef Soup, Oyster Omelet, Milkfish Congee, Shrimp Roll, and Glutinous Rice Balls can all be found along this routes. Come and conquer the food of Tainan! For more information about tourist destinations and events in Tainan, please visit the Travel Tainan website or Travel Tainan Facebook fan page.


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