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Online Registration for Free Mandarin and English Guided Tours for “2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan” Available Now (26th)! Come and See the Festival Lanterns in Tainan!

Posted Date:2024-01-26



The Tourism Bureau is offering free guided tours in Mandarin and English during the “2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan!” Online reservations can be made from today (26th) onwards! A total of 82 Mandarin sessions and 25 English sessions will be available for the Anping Lantern Zone and THSR (including Central) Lantern Zone. Tour guides will lead interested members of the public through the lantern zone to admire the art of the decorative lanterns and learn about the historic city of Tainan’s 400 years of history and culture.

Tainan Mayor Wei-che Huang stated that the 2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival will feature the Anping and THSR lantern zone on the theme of “Glorious Tainan.” The public will be able to visit the “Anping Lantern Zone” made up of Lin Mo-niang Memorial Park, Anping Recreational Wharf, and along the Canal between February 3 and March 10 (closed on Lunar New Year’s Eve). The THSR Lantern Zone will feature “Green Energy Technology” and follow the design philosophy of technology in the next 400 years. Between February 24 and March 10, the THSR Lantern District will host a variety of traditional celebrations and folk art performances during the daytime. An orchid show will also be held at the ICC Tainan next to the THSR station. Free guided tours have been organized by the Tourism Bureau during the Lantern Festival. Come and experience “Glorious Tainan” with exciting events and the Orchid Show during the day, and sea of festival lanterns in the evening!

Tourism Bureau Director-General Kuo-hua Lin said that Mandarin and English guided tours are being offered at the Anping and THSR (including Central) lantern districts to help visitors learn more about the history and culture behind the decorative lanterns on display. Mandarin guided tours will consist of 1 session daily on weekdays running from 7PM to 8:30PM, and 2 sessions daily on weekends (Fri, Sat) running from 7PM to 8:30PM and from 8PM to 9:30PM. A total of 57 sessions are scheduled for Anping and 25 sessions for THSR. English guided tours will be held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7PM to 8:20PM. Guides will be stationed at fixed locations at set times on Saturdays, while the Friday and Sunday sessions require an online reservation. 17 sessions are scheduled for the Anping Lantern Zone and 8 sessions are scheduled for the THSR (including Central) Lantern Zone. The tour guides will introduce visitors to the cultural diversity of Tainan and its charms as a historic city through the design of the decorative lanterns.

 According to the Tourism Bureau, the meeting points for free guided tours in Mandarin and Chinese during the “2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Tainan” will be Visitor Center i1 for the Anping Lantern Zone, and at Visitor Center i3 for the THSR Lantern Zone. Online reservations will be available from today (26th) onwards with 25 places per session. The tours will run for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with 82 sessions in Mandarin and 25 sessions in English.  Visitors are invited to come and visit Tainan to admire the decorative lanterns and experience the magic of Tainan, the historic city.



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