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More International Travelers! Applications for the International Visitor Incentive Program Launched by the Bureau of Tourism of Tainan City Government Begins on April 1st

Posted Date:2024-03-28



To promote the development of Tainan’s tourism industry and tourism economy, the Bureau of Tourism of the Tainan City Government has launched the “2024 Tainan City Tourism Industry Incentive Program to Attract International Visitors” that aims at the international market. During this period of time, relevant vendors are encouraged to bring international visitors to Tainan so that they can feel the charm and diversity in the ancient capital. To apply for the Incentive Program, the tourism packages must comply with all the following conditions: 1) itinerary with at least one tourist attraction in Tainan City; 2) for foreign tour-group visitors with at least four (inclusive) people; 3) take place from April 6th to November 30th; 4) provided by legally established companies of the tourism industry in this country; and 5) average expenditure on transportation, tickets, meals, etc. in Tainan must be at least NTD 300 or above per person. Tourism packages that comply with the above conditions can apply for a subsidy of NTD 300 per person; if the package includes a night of accommodation in Tainan, the subsidy can be up to NTD 800 per person.


Huang Wei-che, the Mayor of Tainan City, points out that Tainan City has become the first option in mind for domestic travelers; thus, an active deployment in the international tourist market must be worked out as Tainan City is committed to building a good and friendly environment for international travelers. After being named one of the "Coolest Attractions in the World in 2024" by the British National Geographic Travel magazine in 2023, Tainan City was once again chosen as one of the 24 best travel destinations globally for 2024 by CNN, the only Taiwanese city selected. As 2024 is Tainan’s 400th anniversary, all travel agencies are welcome to include Tainan City in the itineraries and packages aiming for travelers around the world to experience the charm and diversity of this ancient capital so that international visitors can feel the beauty of Tainan.


Lin Guo-hua, Director of the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government, indicates that in order to attract travel agencies to incorporate Tainan City in the itinerary agenda aiming for international visitors and to spend the night in Tainan City, the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government has launched the “2024 Tainan City Tourism Industry Incentive Program to Attract International Visitors”. It is indeed an incentive program that encourages domestic tour operators to bring international travelers to Tainan. Applications for this incentive program will be open from 10 AM on April 1st. Relevant information is available TRAVEL TAINAN website. All qualified travel agencies are welcome to plan ahead. For more or the latest information regarding tourist spots and activities in Tainan, please follow the TRAVEL TAINAN and TAINAN 400 websites.


Application Method for 2024 Tainan City Tourism Industry Incentive Program to Attract International Visitors

  1. Effective period of subsidy application: From the date of announcement to November 30th. Depending on the budget expenditures, suspension of the application may be announced in advance.
  2. Object of subsidy: Domestic legally established tourism companies that bring international tour groups to Tainan City. The itinerary must be submitted to the Tourism Bureau of the Tainan City Government and must be reviewed and approved in order to be qualified for the incentive program.
  3. Information for verification and payment request:
    1. Payment application form and receipt (see Appendix 3 for details).
    2. Itinerary that complies with V-2 (please refer to Appendix 2 for the format. A group photograph at the tourist spot must be attached as supporting evidence. Side shots and/or behind-the-scene photos are also acceptable).
    3. Certificate of liability insurance for tour group (with approval seal of the insurance company).
    4. List of travelers, nationality, passport number (or Taiwan entry visa number and other basic information that is sufficient to prove the passenger’s identity. If it cannot be provided due to local regulations, relevant proof must be submitted for exemption) stamped with both corporate stamps of the unit of application. (The accompanying staff must be specified but they will not be included in the headcount of the incentive).
    5. A copy of the vehicle license and driver’s driving license stamped with both corporate stamps of the unit of application.
    6. Copies of receipts for transportation, tickets, meals, accommodation, etc. stamped with both corporate stamps of the unit of application.
    7. List of expenditures (refer to Appendix 4 for more details).
    8. Undertaking letter (refer to Appendix 5 for more details).
    9. A copy of the cover of the financial institution’s passbook.
  4. Application procedure
    1. Application submitted to the Tourism Bureau five days prior to the departure date.
    2. The audit agency will review and issue a departure number upon approval.
    3. Packages scheduled for the period of announcement date to November 30th.
    4. Starting from the next day after the package is completed, all information for payment requests shall be submitted to the Tourism Bureau (submission no later than December 6th).
    5. Review approval.
    6. Payment of subsidy.
  5. Notes: To apply for this incentive program, it is not allowed to have overlapping application of incentive programs (solutions) provided by the central unit(s).
  6. Itinerary review standards: Based on the announcement on the TAINAN TRAVEL website of the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government. The Tourism Bureau of the Tainan City Government is entitled to the right of final modification, amendment, change, and program interpretation.
  7. Contact window: Ms. Su from Travel Service Division 06-2991111Ext. 1563 / linda55559@outlook.com / 10th Floor, No. 6, Section 2, Yonghua Road, Anping District, 70801 Tainan City


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