Sababoy will be quizzing you and keeping you accompanied during your trip in Tainan.
Let’s see if you have the answers to Sababoy’s questions.

Do you know Tainan well enough to be a guide of Tainan? Sababoy will put your knowledge to test!

  • 1

    Enter the Q&A section on the website

  • 2

    Answer the questions following Sababoy’s hint.

  • 3

    Answer all questions to take part in a lucky draw.

Do you consider yourself a master of Tainan?
See if you can stand the test of Sababoy’s questions!

Sababoy says
I’m a delicious and enthusiastic milkfish. Who knows Tainan better than I do? That said, Sababoy challenges the world. He offers rewards to the ones who can complete the challenge.Are you ready to embark on a journey roaming in Tainan on a quest to seek answers to Sababoy’s questions?


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